I made an appointment for the crystal chakra treatment because my husband asked me to.  I didn't want him to touch me anymore and I felt disgusted when he  wanted to have sex.  Mystique used this crystal on me and after 3 visits I felt horny again! I couldn't believe it.  She said my root chakra was blocked, so she fixed it!  I'm a regular now (once a month) and my husband went twice to stop nightmares he was having.  

Sandra C., 44


I can't explain how much I appreciate the time that was spent on my foot massage.  My feet ached for years even though I often soaked them at night a few times each month.  I stand on my feet all day at work and never get relief.  I was skeptical when I made the appointment but I began to feel relief right away and after my third appointment I was finally able to stand for at least 5 hours a day at work without experiencing the sharp, shooting pain I'd felt for so long.  I'd highly recommend letting Mystique's Metaphysical Services care for your feet.  

Rich G., 36


I'd been out of work for a month due to the flu.  I thought I'd take two weeks off to "recover" from all of the aches and pains but even pain killers didn't get rid of the soreness my body was feeling.  I felt so tore up.  I searched the internet for a masseuse who makes house calls. Lo and behold, I discovered Mystiques.  This pretty lady showed up at my door with a massage table strapped across her shoulder and asked where she could set up.  She was so nice and the service was so thorough!  I opted for a Swedish Massage and Crystal Reiki Healing treatment.  Not only did I feel like I'd died and gone to heaven, she somehow performed a miracle because it felt like all of the negative energy and heaviness I felt had slivered down  a hidden sewer and disappeared forever, poof!  Words can't explain.  LOVED IT.

Brandy W., 30


I was breaking up with my girlfriend of 7 years.  I put my life on hold for her for almost two years, leaving school to work so I could help her support her daughter after she lost her job.  I caught her with another man a week before I planned to propose to her.  I was so at odds with what to do.  I contemplated giving her the engagement ring anyway to see if she felt the same way I did and hoped she didn't really have feelings for the other dude.  My mom recommended that I talk to a psychic but I found Mystique's online and went in for a tarot card reading.  My questions were answered and I had no doubt that I should move on with my life because only ruin was in my future if I continued to pursue a relationship with this girl.  I found out after the reading through a friend of hers that she was almost two months pregnant with that guy's baby!  I'll always go to Mystiques Services when I have questions about my life.

Thomas V., 27

I wasn't seeing the results I hoped for when I began bodybuilding three months ago.  So, I went long and hard at the gym which resulted in extreme pain and soreness all over.  Also, my relationship with my girlfriend was on the rocks, so I was feeling tense and angry a lot.  I made an appointment for a Swedish Massage and a Therapeutic Venting Session.  I opted for an additional hour of massage, which really got rid of most of the soreness and I was feeling all better within 36 hours.  But what I didn't expect was that I'd feel emotionally cleansed after talking about the problems I couldn't with my friends or family.  Mystique informed me that bottled up emotions and repressed feelings could ultimately find its way into my muscles and tissues.  I kind of thought that but she confirmed it.  I made another appointment. Just can't get enough!

Kirtland M., 43

I've been writing blogs for a year and quit my part-time job as a cashier to have more time to blog.   My creative juices had been flowing like a waterfall for so long.  Then, all of a sudden nothing.  It was hard to come up with two sentences that were interesting enough to post online.  My friend who wrote for a magazine said my chakras may be blocked.  I didn't believe in that garbage.  But curiosity got the best of me and I found Mystique's Metaphysical online.  Long story short; I got a Crystal Reiki Holistic Healing but  was skeptical even after I left.  Two days later I attempted to write a blog.  My creative juices were flowing yet again. 'Couldn't believe it! Mystique said she balanced my sacral chakra to clear the blockage of my creative abilities.  Try it, guys.  This stuff works.

Julianne T., 52




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