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Your free consultation may be by phone or in person.  All in-person consultations must be scheduled in advance.  If you call to inquire about our services and/or how they may benefit you or the person for whom you're calling, that call shall constitute your free consultation.  

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25 Minute Therapeutic Venting Session:  $15.00

After a hard day, but just before your holistic healing or massage session, you may want to get some things off of your chest.  This is quite healthy and will aid in the release of stress and bottled-up emotions which find its way into your muscles and tissues, ultimately causing the pain and soreness you seek relief from. 

Even if you aren't an emotional person or choose to keep your feelings and opinions within the safety of your mind, you'll benefit from a listening and unbiased ear available to you during this venting session.  If you're reeling from a misunderstanding, belittlement, or a threat to the security of your job by the boss or a co-worker those feelings of animosity or stress will remain with you long after the massage.  You can decrease or nip these feelings in the bud by talking them out before your session begins. 

For 25 minutes you'll have a live, caring person who will patiently listen without judgement or condemnation.  Moreover, your privacy is fully protected and nothing you say will ever be video taped or tape recorded.  You will always have 100% access to all notes and files related to your venting sessions.  You may add or remove any or all notes related to your venting sessions at any time, with or without an appointment.

Please note that Mystique's Metaphysical & Holistic Services does not employ psychologists, psychiatrists, or any mental therapists.  The Massage Therapist who conducts the venting session is not qualified to make any diagnosis or assessment of mental illness, or psychological instability.

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