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MYSTIQUE'S METAPHYSICAL & HOLISTIC SERVICES is coming to The Columbus Farmer's Market!  Visit our booth on Sundays, 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m

Booth location to be announced. 

Your Personalized


You will get answers to questions that no one seems able to give you.  For only $25 per question, a real tarot card reader will conduct a reading using the Rider Waite tarot deck. 

Find out if you're marrying, dating, or moving in with the right person, if you're wasting your time at your current job/position, if the judge will rule in your favor, what strategy you should use regarding a specific issue, if a baby is in your future, if you'll have enough money to pay your rent/mortgage, etc. 

NOTE:  Ask a specific, direct and targeted question. (e.g., "Should I move to Ohio or stay here?", "Is my wife cheating with the pool guy?", "I'm not sure, so give me a general reading.")   Do not ask "Will I be happy?" or "Will my dog make a mess, bark today and poop on my homework?"

Enter your name, e-mail address, and your question.  After payment has been submitted, your answers for the tarot card reading will be delivered to your inbox *.  




* A valid e-mail address is required; it will not be used for any other purpose, sold, or disclosed to any third party.  Please allow 1-8 hours to receive the answers.  We do not use automated tarot software.  A live/human tarot reader performs the reading.


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