Couples Massage Tutoring

We are now offering you the opportunity to learn how to perform massage on your partner (wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.).  This COUPLES TUTORING SESSION shall be a 25-minute, in-person session where you'll learn how to perform sensual, relaxing, and erotic techniques on your partner*.  The next time you're in bed with your spouse or partner, he or she will be amazed at your new massage skills.  You may also leave with a CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION**. 

Cash and credit are accepted.  If you use a credit card and the name you registered under is different from the name on the credit card, you must check the box indicating that you own this card or that you have been given permission  to use this card for the purpose of paying for Couples Tutoring.
  Each session costs $120. 

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The 25 minute couples massage tutoring session shall include intermediate techniques that you can perform on your partner in the privacy of your own home. You'll be shown sensual, erotic (no sex/sexual contact involved), and relaxing massage techniques. Mystique's MHS is not a school or a massage teacher. My session will end after 25 minutes of instruction. Questions and demonstration of what you've learned may be critiqued after the session has ended (if time permits).

* All Couples Tutoring Sessions last for 25 minutes.  This is a PAID session where you are learning a skill.  The 25-minute tutorial session does not include any sexual contact between the tutor and customer.  All sessions cost $120 and are NON-REFUNDABLE since you're receiving a non-tangible service. 

**  A black & white Certificate of Completion cost $5.00 and will be printed for you at the end of your session.

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