The Night Owl Special is a new service created for those with schedules too busy to adhere to our normal operating hours.  Review the services offered below and then pay in the section to the right.  You will be contacted to confirm and book your appointment.  Use the Contact form for questions. (Please keep the wording clean and appropriate.)


Hours/Days   Friday  9:30 pm - 11:59 pm     Saturday  9:30 pm - 11:59 pm    

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Swedish Massage

Relax and invision yourself under blue, sunny skies along the white sands of a 5-star resort.  That's how you'll feel once you exchange your work clothes for the fresh feel of the sheet you're being massaged under.  Soft lights (or candles), nature sounds, and privacy sets the tone for a luxurious massage.

Reiki Healing

Illness and disease are the body’s response to unbalanced and blocked natural energy centers. Mystique uses lifeforce energy to balance and realign those energy centers.  No need to remove clothing as Reiki healing may be done with hands on or off.

Crystal Reiki Healing

Illness and disease are the body’s response to unbalanced and blocked natural energy centers. Mystique combines Reiki energy healing with earth’s powerful crystals, with magical healing powers to balance and realign your energy centers.

Massage + Energy Healing

Experience the luxury of an authentic massage, by a professionally trained Massage Therapist, coupled with the power of an energy healing providing tender loving care from head to toe.

Holistic Massage + Incense

You work hard.  Now reward yourself with healing aromas which enhance a full body massage to de-stress, soothe and heal.  Then let yourself go as Mystique's extends life force energy to balance your mind and spirit.  

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Foot Massage

Enjoy a service that almost never comes free of charge.  Feel like a king or queen for the 15 minutes following your scheduled service.  Yes, you will end the night with feet that feel absolutely brand new.  (Coming Soon: Pre-soak foot spa for hygiene-conscious clients)

Tit4Tat Surprise

Our Tit4Tat Surprise is just that; a surprise!  After or during your scheduled service you will get a surprise service, product, or pleasant treat chosen by Mystique's based on your chosen service, personality, or individual needs. SURPRISE!



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