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TGIF Corporate Chair Massage


Mystique's Metaphysical & Holistic Services will relieve stress, shoulder, neck, back, and emotional tension that a hectic work environment can create.  Treat yourself or your employees to a chair massage at your location every Friday or after 2:00 pm Monday - Thursday or any time on Saturday or Sunday.


What is a chair massage?

This type of massage is given to a fully clothed client sitting on a padded, comfortable chair that provides optimum relaxation and body alignment.  In most cases a portable massage chair will be used and cleaned between each client.  However, a tabletop chest and face pad or a pillow atop a desk may be used.


What are the benefits of corporate chair massage?

  • We'll eliminate the need to waste a lunch break getting a mid-day massage at a gym or spa.
  • For one set price, up to eight employees can enjoy 10 to 15 minute massage without leaving the office
  • Stress and tension causes poor circulation and ultimately, illness.  Massage promotes increased blood circulation. A healthy body equals a healthy mind, optimum job performance and a happier disposition.

  • Since massage promotes better health, employees may be less prone to needing sick days.
  • Set-up is extremely quick and non-time space consuming.  There's no need to alter the workplace for the Massage Therapist to erect the chair.  A cubicle, conference room, empty or persponal office, hallway, employee lounge, unused corner, or any space where a chair can be placed will suffice.
  • Payment for this service shall be made following the receipt of the invoice which will be sent to your company's e-mail address.  Optionally, a paper invoice may be mailed at your request or you may subscribe to the service directly on the website.  Click here to subscribe now.




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